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A loan for Higher studies in India that is express processed, sanctioned & disbursed. Of course, this is subject to all necessary documentation procedures.

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Educational Loans Have Many Advantages!

The benefits of an education loan stretch far beyond the financing of your degree course. Let’s look at how opting for a study loan will probably be one of the best financial decisions you’ll ever take:

Makes you financially independent

One of the biggest lessons that an educational loan can teach you is how to be financially independent. Our parents do a lot for us throughout the formative years of our lives. When we grow up, it is imperative that we shoulder some of the responsibilities for our own needs. As an adult, shouldering responsibility majorly involves taking care of one’s own finances. Taking a loan and paying for your own studies is the best way to get a hands-on experience of what it means to be financially smart and independent. Borrowing money and being responsible for paying it back teaches you many things about money matters such as EMIs, interest calculation, taxes, and so on. In this regard, an educational loan is designed to be easy to understand thus, they are the perfect type of loan product to start off with. Plus, you can proudly wear the tag of being a ‘self-made’ individual.

Builds a positive credit history

Study loans work just like any other type of loan when it comes to building your credit. Regularly paying the instalments on your educational loan will help you create and maintain a long and positive credit record. This credit history will truly come in handy throughout your adult life. Whenever you need to apply for any kind of financing, your already strong credit history will work in  your favour.  All thanks to your student loan! This means that when you actually want to apply for a home or a car loan, you will have a good credit record that shows you as a dependable borrower – a definite advantage over people who have never taken education loans at all. Plus, the fact that you already have experience with repaying loans means you will face absolutely no doubts with regards to managing future situations where you need to apply for financing.

Helps preserve family savings

One of the biggest plus points of taking a loan to pay for your higher education is that in doing so, you can save your family’s hard-earned savings for a rainy day. Building up a corpus of savings is not an easy task. The expenses involved in raising a family and providing for their needs are humongous if one considers constant inflation. Yet, your parents have done that and so much more, while also putting away a bit of money every month for the future. Now, it is important that the family wealth is safeguarded for emergencies which can crop up unannounced. An education loan works to your advantage by helping you pay for the A to Z of your studies without having to ever dip into your   family savings. So, whether you need a new laptop or funds for a field trip, let your study loan bear the expenses as your family’s precious funds stay protected. This kind of a benefit is truly worth its weight in gold.

FAQs about our study loans.

It is good to ask questions and we always have answers!

ven studying in India has become so expensive! Some students & parents resort to selling their assets, liquidating their investments or borrowing from friends & family. But we believe that the best way to cover your education-related costs is a study in India education loan. This is because:

  • You get 100{2a0dfb6d909b4aa166fa81763fbed41be5fea2b81e17204c10c96651e8bc6ca0} finance.
  • Your savings/investments stay intact.
  • Your credit score is greatly improved.

And if you choose BM Associates, you get finance solutions that are tailored as per your needs. You also enjoy superb features such as collateral-free funding without any limit on the loan amount, fastest sanctions, flexible repayment plans and many more such amazing benefits!​

​So, if you have big plans to pursue your education in India but you are worried about the cost, just relax, we have your back! Just get in touch with us and we’ll handle everything!

Yes, our study in India loans provide 100{2a0dfb6d909b4aa166fa81763fbed41be5fea2b81e17204c10c96651e8bc6ca0} cover for your academic expenses. For example, you can get finance for the following:

  • Course fees
  • Entrance exams costs
  • Purchase of laptop
  • Cost of study material
  • Any deposits payable

So, as you can see, when you opt for a study loan from BM Associate, you won’t have to worry about any education-related expenses.

We believe that dreams should not be limited by funds, or the lack of it. That’s why an BM Associate study loan does not have any upper limit. However, the loan amount will depend on numerous factors such as your academic record, your co-borrower’s financial capacity, etc.​​

If you want a clearer idea of the education loan amount you are eligible for, you can use our eligibility calculator by clicking here. You can also visit the nearest BM Associate branch office or contact us to schedule a doorstep visit

Margin money refers to a certain percentage that the borrower has to pay, while the rest of the amount is taken care by the lender. However, at BM Associate, we do not require you to provide any margin money as our education loan provides 100{2a0dfb6d909b4aa166fa81763fbed41be5fea2b81e17204c10c96651e8bc6ca0} finance.


Our main goal is to make it easier for you to access a study in India education loan! That’s why we do not require any security/collateral to give you a loan. However, by providing collateral, you can greatly increase your loan eligibility and reduce your interest rates. Therefore, if you are able and willing to provide security, it is always better.


We provide education loans in India with a tenure of 120 months! This ensures that repaying a higher education loan becomes easy!

Here is a list of some of the documents that you will need for a study loan:

  • Your KYC
  • All your educational documents
  • The details of the cost of your course
  • The KYC of the co-borrower
  • The income documents of the co-borrower
  • Collateral documents.
Must Have Downloads

Get into form! These must-have downloads are your immediate pre-requisites that are the starting points to open up academic doors and, perhaps, your world.

Application Form Download

        Application Form Download

Loan Process

                    Loan Process

Document Checklist

• Login checklist for salaried


• Login checklist for employed profesional (Senp)


• Login checklist for employed profesional (Senp)

Processing Fees

BM Associate’s processing fee is anything between 1-2{2a0dfb6d909b4aa166fa81763fbed41be5fea2b81e17204c10c96651e8bc6ca0} of the loan amount and is calculated on a case-to-case basis. The final amount is arrived in the course of processing the loan application.


As a responsible lender, BM Associate understands the importance of your education loan and ensures that you are supported with various options to maintain a good credit so that you not just enjoy your financial independence but are responsible for maintaining it too.

BM Associate  offers you the flexibility of repaying your education loan while still in school, as well as on completion of your course.

  • Interest servicing during the course
  • Partial interest servicing during the course
  • EMI repayment during the course
  • EMI repayment post-holiday/moratorium period
  • Step up repayment facility
Services & charges

BM Associate Education loan Service charges and fees are as follows:

Description of ChargesCharges and Fees
Pre-Payment chargesNo pre-payment allowed in the first six months of loan disbursement
Charges for late payment of PMII / EMI2{2a0dfb6d909b4aa166fa81763fbed41be5fea2b81e17204c10c96651e8bc6ca0} per month
Cheque / ECS bounce charges (per bounce)Rs 500/- plus applicable GST
Document handling charges (At the time of foreclosure)Rs 2,000/- plus applicable GST

Any other additional services requested by the customer such as document retrieval, account statement etc. will be charged on nominal basis, as per the policy of the company.